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Christina Yen

Fantasy cupcakes and others

Fondant the birthday cupcake dragon whelp

Decorated cupcakes

Heavily decorate cupcakes!

Decorated cupcakes

I want the oreo cupcake!

More cupcakes

These look very cute.

Penguin cupcakes

I think they are meant to be penguins.

Peep cupcakes



Random bakery cakes.

Puppy cupcakes

Puppy cakes, that is a lot of icing.

Fondant the birthday cupcake dragon whelp

I named him "Fondant" the cupcake dragon, seemed like a very fitting and cute name =)

Fondant the birthday cupcake dragon whelp

I made this from a light ceramic from my original design, they are individually casted and painted by me. I love them very much.

You can check them out and more at my website:

My Original gingerbread and pumpkin pie dragon whelp figurines and Cookie cutters!

Pumpkin pie whelp Gingerbread cookie dragon whelps

Merfle Munchies Calendar photos

Whelps 2011 calendar! Now at DA!

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