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Ice cream cones?

Nope! It's just good ol' mashed potatoes and Parmesan crisps. :)

There's a delicate, fine line at April Fools Day between a tasteful prank, and going too far. Since I'm incredibly clumsy, I'll stick with yummy food pranks.

To make crisps
-Place rounds of grated cheese on either Silpat, or parchment paper, and bake at 400 degrees for 5-9 minutes.

-When they’re golden brown, remove from oven. *Now you must work fast while it’s still pliable!* and using a spatula (or a butter knife, like I did) gently lift up a side of the crisp, and begin wrapping it around the cone. Turning the cone, and using the spatula to help you (so you don’t burn your fingers.).

-Let cool for about 5 minutes before filling. They will harden and remove easily from the cone.

The "filling" inside is just mashed potatoes, dyed with some beet juice (straight outta the can!).

For more pictures, how-to's, and other stuffs, come over to Savory Notes :)
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